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Roswell, New Mexico

Get ready for The 16th Annual 2023 Roswell Jazz Festival!

October 25-29

Tickets for the 2023 Roswell Jazz Festival are on sale now right here on our website.  The 2023 Official Schedule is available under the 'Official Schedule' tab.  

We are a volunteer, non-profit organization. As such, we rely on community support to be able to bring world-class jazz to Roswell. Please consider becoming a member of the RJF (no membership fee) and contact us at or 505.359.4876.

A reminder - even though the 2021 RJF was cancelled, we do have 2021 Roswell Jazz Festival shirts available. If you would like one, please contact us at or 505.359.4876.

To be added to our mailing list, click here.

Support the RJF by donating!

Your generous contributions allow us to bring world-class jazz to Roswell.   

The 16th Annual Roswell Jazz Festival is coming this October 25 - 29!

Click the 'Official Schedule' tab for details & full schedule

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