Sponsor Your Favorite Musician or an Entire Venue

Funding a world class jazz festival is certainly not inexpensive! Presenting the country’s best jazz musicians requires performance fees, airline tickets, hotel rooms, venues, sound and lights, musical equipment, advertising and publicity, local transportation, printing and hours and hours of volunteer time. Ticket sales account for only around 25% of our needed income so we count on community support for funding. Our thirteen festivals have been successful and credit goes to you for your generous donations. We are thankful to have been so richly blessed by incredible response from our Fans of the Festival, but continuing to bring you the highest quality festivals calls for more sponsors. This year we are asking patrons and businesses to consider sponsoring an individual musician or a venue show.

Your sponsorship check to our 501 (c)(3), Pecos Valley Jazz and Arts Festival, Inc. or simply Roswell Jazz Festival, is tax deductible.

We are pleased to offer the following sponsorship levels:

Fly Me to the Moon   $100,000+ It's a Wonderful World! Thanks Louis!


Band of Renown          $ 50,000+ Les Brown Says Thank You!


Headliner                    $ 25,000+ Top Billing, Star Treatment and Petals Thrown at Your                                                                  Feet


Big Band                         $ 10,000+ Star Treatment


Brass Band                     $ 5,000+ Sponsor an Evening (subject to availability)

                                                          Reserved premium seating. 12 total tickets for your use at                                                            the evening(s) of your choice. 6 tickets to Sunday at the                                                                Anderson. 1 single CD of your choice. *** VIP Party                                                                       Invitation.


Quintet                       $ 2,500+ Sponsor a Venue (subject to availability) OR Co-Sponsor                                                              an Evening

                                                          Reserved premium seating. 8 total tickets for the                                                                          evening(s) of your choice. 4 tickets to Sunday at the                                                                      Anderson. 1 single CD of your choice. *** VIP Party                                                                       Invitation.

Quartet                       $ 1,000+ Musician Sponsor (subject to availability)

                                                          4 total Tickets to the evening(s) of your choice, 2 tickets                                                              to Sunday at the Anderson. 1 single CD of your                                                                            choice. *** VIP Party Invitation.

Trio                             $ 500+     Invitation for two to the VIP Party


Duet                           $ 100+     20% discount* on one item at the Festival Store

Solo                            $ 35+       Newsletter**


*20% discount (excluding tickets) applies to Duet level and above

**Newsletter applies to all levels

***CD selected from our Festival Store at the 14th Annual Roswell Jazz Festival

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Cornet Chop Suey - Dr. Jim Shearer and the 2nd Line Survivors
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